Jamaican born Errol Bonnick started his musical journey in Kingston at the tender age of 17, inspired by his brother Trevor Bonnick. Errol was then introduced to Mr Glen Browne from the great Browne brothers, a family of musicians, song writers & producers, who quickly noticed Errol’s talent and signed him up as lead vocalist for a group called K.R.U {Knowledge, Respect & Unity}.  Errol was then headhunted by a group called Live Wyya to be their lead vocalist. Since then, the group has won a range of awards and accolades including Jamaica’s Irie FM 2003 Big Break Competition, and still is the only group to win that competition. They won the 2004 JFM awards twice for best Show Band & Best Backing Band; competed against 16 of the Island's top Bands and won the Global Battle Of The Bands competition in November2005 to go on to further compete at London's Astoria Centre in December 2005. As Ambassadors for Jamaica, The Caribbean, Reggae & Rastafari, Live Wyya competed against 24 bands across the world in a musical show down emerging a fantastic 8th position. After compiling their album, Solid Meditation, the group toured the world with the cool ruler Gregory Isaacs. When you first meet Errol Bonnick, you will very quickly experience and notice that he has a very artistic spiritual persona and presence that fills the room, whilst radiating peace, love and serenity, not to mention the fact that he is oozing with confidence and charisma. It is so easy to allow yourself to bask in the calming, reassurance of his presence and truth. Errol’s wise, mature, rich & sultry sounds penetrate the very essence of your being. The more you listen to his music, the more you are totally absorbed in the music and the person as you allow Errol to take you on your journey of self discovery with his unique sounds and the way he easily and effortlessly fuses and synthesizes

Lovers Rock, Roots Reggae together. Meeting Errol in person or seeing him in a picture and then listening to his smooth, mellow, mysterious, sultry tones brings about a shock response to what you are hearing. There is a feeling of surprise, amazement, wonder and delight after each track as he is so very versatile and quickly and easily loved by all.

Today Errol, a smooth Reggae rebel, is pursuing his solo career and moving with the spirit of the conquering lion on his path of creating a repertoire of upbeat and uplifting Lovers Rock, Roots Reggae. He is on his journey of weaving his magic across the airwaves with his cultural messages and his mysterious, powerful, commanding, yet very sensual voice that he’s definitely been blessed with. He will surprise, captivate and WOW his audiences every time. Errol is now on his solo path with his band De Lionz and are considered to be a Reggae Force.